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10 Best-designed iPhone Games For Kids Attack Your Sense

Mario-icon If you are a father or mother of kids who possess an iPhone, how will you choose the best apps from among the 200,000 currently offered in the App Store in the vacations like summer?

If you are a developer, you can improve the develop ability by reading the open source iPhone Apps, but it is not enough. A good design also be needed in a good game. We collected following 10 great designed iPhone games for kids. There are hundreds of iPhone apps that are great for kids, so please feel free to share your children’s favorites in the comments!


12 Great Free Apple iPad GUI PSD Templates For Designers

ipad-designThe iPad is an exciting evolution for developers and end users, but there are no any comprehensive pre-built GUI resources for app development in this. It makes match the uniformed style of the iPhone or the iPad to be hard. We have compiled the list of 11 free iPhone 4 GUI PSD templates, below is 12 great free Apple iPad GUI PSD templates for designers. All PSDs was constructed using vectors, so it’s fully editable and scalable. Enjoy!


11 Great Free iPhone 4 GUI PSD Templates For Designers

gallery8_20070621iphone_gallery_redesign From the graphic which post on RIM Blackberry Tablet Will Support Flash we can know, iPhone hold more and more smartphone market share and being one of the most popular electronic gadget,it has created a stir in the market.

Same with windows OS, people started using it, then designers started using iPhone stock image for their graphic designs, more and more developers/designers searched for hours trying to find an iPhone 4 template to customize the home screen. Below is 11 free iPhone 4 GUI PSD telplates, hope you will enjoy them.


8 Steps to Install Flash On Your iPad With Frash

flashonipad Although EU may force Apple to adopt Adobe’s Flash — The European Union could enact policy forcing Apple (AAPL) to let web technologies like Flash on its iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad devices. However if you are an Apple iPad/iPhone users, it has been possible to jailbreak your device now.  This week we could read many articles about Flash port for iPad which was in works by comex: The Android OS version of Flash has been ported to the iPad and it runs pretty good.


Apple CEO Pens 6 Points Blazing Assault On Adobe Flash

steve-jobs-apple-adobe-flash The Apple-Adobe war turning fierce, two weeks ago, a ITWorld writer cited unnamed sources to claim that Adobe has plans in place to sue Apple. Apple CEO Steve Jobs Responds Adobe now, Jobs has published an essay titled “Thoughts on Flash” on the company’s website, lashing out against Adobe and its “100% proprietary” products.


15 Amazing Apple’s iPad Apps You Should Know

ipad One secret to the success of the Apple iPhone is the tremendous number of quality apps available, and now, Apple iPad come. We asked What Will Be Your Primary Use If You Buy an iPad before, one of the answers probably would be it based which apps you could take. Now you can take over 1000 new apps made just for iPad on the Apple App Store, from games to education to productivity. And the developers will create more and more better iPad apps. I tried to create a list of 15 great iPad apps, hope you can enjoy them! :)


Adobe Sue Apple? Who Would Ultimately Win?

buding-icon A blogger writes for ITWorld ( part of the IDG Network ) cited unnamed sources to claim that Adobe has plans in place to sue Apple over its decision to block the use of Flash Professional to create iPhone apps. Adobe’s not talking about such actions, so not clear it’s a real news or not, and what exactly Adobe would be suing Apple over, probably it’s only Adobe wanted to test what would happen. However, from the recent details of conflict between Apple and Adobe, that would be a possibility. So, if Adobe sue Apple, who would ultimately win?


4 Main Features Imply iPhone OS 4.0 Is NOT ONLY An Operating System

Apple-google Following iPad tablet, Apple has released its lastest iPhone OS 4.0, over 100 new features was added, including the long-awaited multitasking, to the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. Yes, it is an OS from Apple, but the following 4 main features seem to imply something, in a sense, iPhone OS 4.0 is NOT ONLY an Operating System,  it should be concerned by Apple’s competitions. At least, Amazon,Google, Microsoft and RIM no pleasure in iPhone OS 4.0.