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use the wordpress plugin Stat Traq to measure our blog traffic and statistics

statistics-48x48 At the article–Real Ranks for Real Blogs I had introduced how to use IZEARanks get real traffic.People would brag about their visitor counts, even though many knew that this was a statistic easily faked and not really an accurate report of their web traffic.We now have traffic that comes from feeds,which also changes how our audience numbers are counted.Web2.0/AJAX is totally changing the way we view our blog statistics since content can change and vary on a page without the page ever reloading. It’s time for a major rethink in how we measure our blog traffic and statistics.

(more…)–Real Ranks for Real Blogs

trackball-K2-48x48 As we all know,that Google PageRank is determined based on the combination of anGmail - The TACK- is Live_1200585768723 unpublished ranking algorithm. PageRank is not based on real traffic.Google PageRank can tell you that the quality of a website but can not tell us how many uniques visitors.

Technorati is easily gamed, because they count links from the sidebar and footer, which can easily be encouraged by creating widgets and WordPress Themes.

Alexa Rank uses Alexa toolbar users’ browsing activity to extrapolate a guess as to a site’s actual traffic.

Bloggers love stats and rankings, even if they are based upon meaningless data.At the same time,bloggers wanna know the real ranks for their blogs.