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30+ Pure CSS Menu Tutorials For Web Developers

CSSEditLogo CSS is an very useful and effective tool which help you separate the representation definitions of such structured documents as HTML, XHTML, XML from content. It opens the doors to a lot of powerful and rich opportunities such as create a whole new look, feel, and effect of sites.

We introduced some useful CSS skills, helpful CSS tools and most useful CSS resource in pervious articles.  In this article, we collected 30+ pure CSS Menu tutorials for web developers. Enjoy!


Tips: How To Customize Right-click Menu In ActionScript 3

apple-menu-icon Somebody who read Replace the Flex’s Default Right Click Menu asked how to do the same with Flash AS3. In fact, AS3 provides the class named ContextMenu to controls the menu, and classes that handle the ContextMenuItem properties and ContextMenuEvent events.


46+ Flash Horizontal Navigation Menus

Button-Play-icon Relative to button menus and vertical navigation menus, horizontal navigation menu is the mostly used in web pages. Nowadays most websites use some form of horizontal navigation to facilitate content browsing. There are many styles of horizontal navigation in modern Web design, in this article, we collected over 45 flash horizontal navigation menus. As a developers probably you can choose from them when working on the navigation design for your next project. :)


17+ Flash Vertical Navigation Menus

System-Taskbar-Start-Menu-icon Simple buttons or navigation bars are to be included in a standard html web page and flash based web site, because with their ability to include animations and sounds, a Flash button can be a great addition to a site. We have taken some creativity and imagination from previous 20+ Useful Flash Menu Buttons(Full Source Code), hope the following flash navigation collection can help you more although part of them are old. :)


20+ Useful Flash Menu Buttons(Full Source Code)

Bahrain-icon Create a button( ex. a button that points to an URL ) in Adobe Flash is simple but which type button should be used probably will be a problem. Or you can coding, but have no originality creativity. The following is 20 beautiful and different type flash buttons with source code. Enjoy! *You can download and use them, but copyright belongs their respective owners.


5 Useful Adobe Flash Menu and Navigation Tutorials

Box-256x256 How about  25+ Very Useful Flash & ActionScript 3 Tutorials? You probably noticed “Vertical 3D Carousel with ActionScript 3″, yes, menu is used on nearly all the sites–vertical menu or horizontal menu, submenu layout like drop down menu, flyout menu or sliding/accordion menu etc. Following is 5 tutorials on the most common adobe flash menu and navigation. Enjoy!


Tutorials: Step by Step to Create your Sector Menu

Is the sector menu following a cool stuff? I am sure you won’t provide me a negative answer. Thank you!



The list of mine top 6 AJAX Solutions For Professional Coding

Who has used Flickr, GMail, Google Suggest, or Google Maps will realize that a new breed of dynamic web applications is emerging.Similar to traditional desktop applications without relying on plug-ins or browser-specific features.Yes,it is AJAX–Asynchronous JavaScript and XML.Smashingmagazine had present a list over 90 AJAX-based techniques at here(I copied some images from there),but I don’t think all of them are brilliance.Below is the list of mine top 6  AJAX Solutions.If you have yours,reply it pls.:)