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Can Internet Explorer 9 (IE 9) Compete With Mozilla Firefox?

3924-technology-software-download-internet-explorer-9 While we were discussing Will HTML5 + CSS + JavaScript Really Be Flash And Silverlight Killer, Microsoft launches new version of internet explorer 9 after testing of Beta 8(11/23/09 – the IE9 demo from PDC available), Internet explorer 9 is now available online for free download from IE9 has many advantages features and high speed, Microsoft attempt to combat firefox. Can IE9 do? Let’s see following details first.


Do you konw the JavaScript’s real name

Blue-Toy-48x48 JavaScript is the most popular scripting language on the internet, and works in all major browsers, such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Firefox, Netscape, and Opera.Virtually every personal computer in the world has at least one JavaScript interpreter installed on it and in active use. JavaScript’s popularity is due entirely to its role as the scripting language of the WWW . JavaScript is so popular,But…do you know the real name of JavaScript?