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6 Very Useful ActionScript Classes About Sound

MailBox-icon In previous article 8 Classical ActionScript Classes About BitMap we have introduced some BitMap ActionScript classes. In fact not only images but also the media like MP3, video are used in web development.  Following is 6 useful actionscript libraries which can load images, swf, mp3 etc.Hope they are helpful for you.


a small Open-source flash MP3 player

During testing of the open-source components of Yahoo, made a small flash MP3 player and shared the source code.He/Her wrote it in German,I translated it into English.

The World’s Greatest Mp3 Search Engine–SkreemR

Hardware-music-player-1-48x48 We will use search engine like Google,Yahoo or MSN to find the information what we need.Also can find audio files from across the Web including music, podcasts, interviews and more.But in fact that the effect is not obvious,not for technology