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Set the ANT_OPT for flex ant tasks to avoid the error “out of memory” threw by Flex Builder when building a huge project

memory Problem Summary´╝Ü When I compile a project including thousands MXML and AS files with Flex Ant, I got an error message as below displayed in the Console panel of Flex Builder:


Compile multi-flex applications contained in one project with Flex Builder

applications-128x128 One day, i want to compile my business app with TestSuiteRunner (from FlexUnit) app at one time using Flex Builder, but i never do this before. Flex Builder can not set two application once. But, it can set modules to be compiled.

1. Add a new mxml application into one existed app and named it as what you want. Mine is TestApp.mxml.



MXML Components VS ActionScript Components–Is the Memory Usage of Components Built with MXML tag Bigger than that of Components Built in ActionScript

System-Memory-256x256 I am working on an application which contains many components. I have been puzzled by a problem for a long time: Is the memory usage of components built with mxml tag bigger than that of components built in actionScript? I did a simple experiment below to find the truth.


the list of MXML/AS3 editor or development environment besides Flex Builder

Adobe_AIR_Support_LogotypeOutside of the Flash interface, what do you guys use to edit and debug your AS3 classes in? I use Flex Builder for the brunt,but when I have no need to debug or just want in and out fast,I use notepad to view or edit.The following are some other MXML/AS3 editor or development environment.


How to load an image into our Flex application from URL(with source)

Sometimes we need to load an image into our Flex application from URL,it’s very simple if the images are in a web-accessible directory.The below code is only a simple sample for it.You can modify it to suit your app.
While working on an AS 3 script I was getting an error like below(image):
Severity Description Resource In Folder Location Creation Time Id
2 Could not resolve <map:imgView> to a component implementation. imgView.mxml imgView 2008/02/10 1:17:08 26

I checked my action script file but there was no syntax error.Well was only because I forgot to create the “myLib” folder!

sample code which guide you on how to communicate between Flex and Php

This article is writing for a Flex newbie like me. :) , guides a Flex newbie on how to communicate between Flex and Php.There are different ways of connecting Web clients written in Flex with the server-side applications being that Java, PHP, Ruby on Rails, ASP or anything else that can generate HTTP responses(Having a secured php web hosting service is also important) Using HTTPService MXML tag,it can communicate with your server application.The below is the sample code,built with Flex 2 SDK.


The error that "No class registered for interface ‘mx.styles::IStyleManager2′"

User-48x48 When I compiled “flex3_sdk ->samples ->explorer ->containers ->SimpleTitleWindowExample.mxml” with mxmlc and run it,i got the error below:


how to add the Logical operator in MXML

Misc-Tutorial-48x48 For example , you have something like this:

<mx:VBox visible="{this.numChildren > 555 }" />

The preceding code will not compile,The compiler raises the following error:- “The entity name must immediately follow the ‘>’ in the entity reference.”.This behavior existed since Flex 2.0. Logical OR operator works in the same scenario. It’s the use of ‘&&’ that causes the compiler error.