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Omniture’s Internet Analytics Tools Would Be Folded Into The Adobe Online Marketing Suite & ex-CEO Josh James To Step Down

adobe-omniture Adobe Systems Inc. annonuced it will create new business unit to handle the most high-profile prudocts on this monday. Omniture, which provides an integrated set of services: advanced web analytics and segmentation, online business optimization platform, will be a part of Adobe’s new strategy: Adobe said Omniture’s Internet analytics tools would be folded into the Adobe Online Marketing Suite. Then, the founder and ex-CEO Josh James of Omniture will step down at the end of this month.


Adobe Will Create New Business Unit To Handle Its Most High-profile Products

flash-platform Adobe Systems Inc. announced on this Monday that it will create new units to push core technologies and products, include Flash video technology and CS software.

And a new business unit which dubbed Creative and Interactive Solutions will be launched first, David Wadhwani, who is currently part of Adobe’s Platform business will be the leader of this company based in San Jose.


Microhoo was born–Microsoft Makes $44.6 Billion Bid for Yahoo

Microsoft Corporation has announced that friday they have proposed $44.6 billion to take over the internet giant Yahoo.The surprise offer of $31 a share represents a 62 percent premium to Thursday’s closing share price. Yahoo shareholders could elect to receive either cash or stock.It would create the most formidable competitor yet for Google, the search engine giant.microhoo