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Beginning ActionScript 3.0 –Summary of OOP

Myspace-256x256 Ok, we have finished our small discussion about the big topic, OOP. Our discussion here is just want to give you some basic ideas about OOP. For more details you need to read some other books.

Let’s do some reviews.


Beginning ActionScript 3.0 – Class 2

Coins-128x128 In part 1 of class section(Beginning ActionScript 3.0 – Class 1), we have got some basic ideas about the package and the class attributes. So, we can write the skeleton of the Author class.The code is as below.


Beginning ActionScript 3.0 – Class 1

Dolphin-256x256 In the last section, we use some code to show the OOP style code. But the code can’t run. In this section, we’ll try to make it run.

Type the example code into your flash authoring tools, and then test it. If you’re using flash cs3, you will get the following result.


Beginning ActionScript 3.0 – Introduction to OOP

wallet-64x64 When you looking at some resources introducing the ActionScript 3.0, it may say that, “ActionScript 3.0 is an object-oriented programming (OOP) language”. The key word “object-oriented programming (OOP)” is the topic of this article eh, and the following articlesJ.