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23+ Useful HTML5 Open Source Online Video Players & Libraries,

html5As we all know Apple CEO Pens 6 Points Blazing Assault On Adobe Flash and about 2 weeks ago, Google announced YouTube Enhance Videos Embed Capability To Support Flash and HTML 5 Players. No matter where you sit in the HTML5 or Flash, Flash has always been the standard for showing video on the web for the most part, however, as more and more mobile or web enabled devices gain traction in the market there will be increased demand for web developers designing sites using video, to build their sites accordingly.

The <video> element in HTML5 is a long-awaited and probably one of the most talked about feature. We can easily embed videos into web pages without any plugins, using the <video> element. Here are 23+ useful HTML5 video players/libraries which allow you to easily embed video into web pages and ensure backwards compatibility.


How To Calculate The Average Between 2 Colors In ActionScript 3.0

mb-plastic-calculator-color In some web apps or flash games, we probably need to calculate the average between 2 colors, for example. feed 0xAA0000 and 0xCC0000, and return 0xBB0000 ? Is there a simple way to calculate between two hex colors?

AverageColor is a open source(Licensed under the MIT License) util-class to calculate the average between 2 colors (Hex, RGB or HSB format).


Open@Adobe: Adobe Open Source Community On SourceForge’s New Platform

opensource-400x345 July 14th, 2010, SourceForge, the leading resource for open source software development and distribution, announced it has launched its new forge development platform. The SourceForge 2.0 beta is ready to roll right now. Open@Adobe, a site aggregating Adobe’s openness programs, which includes source code hosting has been the first instantiation of SourceForge’s new platform.


11 Powerful Open Source Tweening Engine For ActionScript

Coffee-Cup-icon We can create simple animations easily in ActionScript with the Tween libraries like the AS3 tween engines in Zeh Fernando’s Tweener or Jack Doyle’s TweenLite(Although there are Tween Classes already bundled in Flash Cs3 above). This article provides 11 powerfl open source tweening engine for actionscript. If you know others, don’t forget to share it  via our comments section!


11 Open Source Development Tools(compiler) For Adobe Flash

free-open-source-Open Source Development Tools(compiler) For Adobe Flash Adobe Flash Builder(or Flex Builder) offers many powerful features for enabling intelligent coding, interactive step-through debugging, and visual design of the user interface layout, appearance, and behavior of rich Internet applications (RIAs). But we need pay $699 for Flash Builder 4 Premium Edition or $249 for Flash Builder 4 Standard Edition. In fact, it is almost unnecessary for most beginners or the colony who only want to try. Don’t worry! This article presents 11 free development tools(compilers) which allow you needn’t to buy software from Adobe to create Flash content, and all of them are open source!


Read QR Code With QRCodeReader Open-Source AS3 Library

Barcode-icon QR(Quick Response) is a matrix code created by Japanese corporation Denso-Wave in 1994. QR code can store addresses and URLs be appeared in magazines, on signs, business cards and other that users might need information. Users with a camera phone equipped with the reader application can recognize QR code from image, and decode it to string quickly. For people who want to use QR Codes within the Flash environment, QRCodeReader should be a good solution, it is essentially an open source library in ActionScript 3 that recognizes and decodes any QR Code from any image source. with this library, you can easily integrate your own QR reader into your AS3 mobile application.


30+ useful as3 open source projects

edu-science-128x128Isn’t driving you crazy when you realize amazing effect about ActionScript 3 what you want. Don’t you spend much time to do it? Why don’t you reference following open source projects before you begin? Maybe there are something what you need.

The following is some useful as3 open source projects what I have collected.Some of them have include in the previous article the list of AS2/AS3 Physics Engine(open source + non-open source). Note: listed in no particular order. 


the list of Open Source realtime 3D engine for Flash

Flash-8-256x256I don’t konw why the Flash plugin is non-open source, but we can found so many perfect open source projects like previous article open source Flex project list.  

And for some projects do you need a very good interactive realtime 3D engine? OK,the following is a list of Open Source realtime 3D engine for Flash in actionscript.I like open source! Enjoy!