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Chrome Integrated PDF—Good or Bad News for Adobe?

google-chrome-integrated-sandboxed-pdf-viewer-comingPDF is one of the most popular document formats that’s used for delivering documents on the web, for read PDF file, normally you need to install Adobe Reader.

Google Chrome Team announced they had integrated PDF viewer to the Chrome beta channel. For most people especially the desktop administrators, you needn’t to continue deploying Adobe Reader with basic PDF needs. With each new release the guys over at Google have made sure to share new features and improvements with us.


Adobe Foray Into The Digital Signature Market: Get Your Documents Signed With Adobe eSignatures

cash-register-icon Last Friday,  the cloud-based new online service Adobe® eSignatures™  was available for free in Beta. It allows user to electronically sign contracts, NDAs – any PDF document that requires a signature. Before this, we need to find a FAX or pay for express mail. Adobe eSignatures made it simpily. Just upload your document, insert the recipient’s e-mail, select a date, insert a message and then sign. You can get your documents signed within minutes.