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Flex Module for Apache and IIS–folks using other languages like PHP, ColdFusion, ASP, JSP etc

Currently,when I build Flex applications, I compile the code and then run a browser that just points at the SWF file to test it.Compiling can be a huge time sink especially even I’m making small changes.So I tried to find some extendsion or plugin to improve my working efficiency. So lucky,I digged Flex Module for Apache and IIS,which will give developers the ability to code a Flex application and then run that code on the server just like most web technologies including ASP.NET or PHP.


sample code which guide you on how to communicate between Flex and Php

This article is writing for a Flex newbie like me. :) , guides a Flex newbie on how to communicate between Flex and Php.There are different ways of connecting Web clients written in Flex with the server-side applications being that Java, PHP, Ruby on Rails, ASP or anything else that can generate HTTP responses(Having a secured php web hosting service is also important) Using HTTPService MXML tag,it can communicate with your server application.The below is the sample code,built with Flex 2 SDK.


building your google search Application with Actionscript and php script

CS2-Premium-48x48 If you are a visual programmer working in environments like Visual Basic, Delphi, REAL basic, or PowerBuilder, you may hesitate to take advantage of the benefits of Flash.