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50+ Amazing Christmas PNG Sharing With You

santa-2-128x128 In previous article 20 High Quality Free WordPress Theme For Christmas, we have introduced some christmas wordpress theme, you can use them to update your blog skin. But we think you also will need some Christmas PNG files to make your blog or website more attractive. Following we have collect 50+ PNG files for your reference.


Downloadable Image in Flex–is it possible that images contained in Flex applications are downloadable as they rendered in HTML?

Reading-The-Book-128x128 Problem Summery: Continue the sample posted before A Trick of Using PNGs to Mask Images, When you browse a web page rendered in HTML with fire fox, IE, etc., click the right button of mouse above an image, you will find these commands as below:


A Trick of Using PNGs to Mask Images

Problem Summery: I want an approach to mask images with given PNGs. However, the inner of some of the PNG images are transparent. After I set the PNG as a mask, the area of the masked image below the inner of the PNG is invisible.