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The Evolution of Python Programmers NOT only a Joke

Earth-icon I remembered reading an article similar “Evolution of a C++ Programmer” or “Evolution of a C Programmer” or “The Evolution of a Haskell Programmer” before, I laughed out loud! I think that’s only a joke by some boring guys, at most they can serve a good pedagogical purpose as well as a humorous one. Last year, I lead a team to develop a Java-based tool – all team members are COBOL background and without any java skill.


6 Abnormal & Neurotic “Hello World” Programs Written in C

Abnormal and Neurotic programmer Programmer, smart, genius, abnormal and neurotic… If you know something about programmers, probably you often above words to describe a programmer. If you know a little on programming, you should unmitigatedly  understand all above adjective after you read below 6 “Hello world” programs written in C.

If you can read and understand all of them or even you can write something such as them, congratulation, you are one of the “Abnormal” & “Neurotic” of programmers.


Four level of flex programmer–which are you in?

question-markI have read some articles about the level, features etc. of  programmer. These articles distinct the programmer’s ability. There is difference between the flex developer although they are still a small group in China( but have large growing space,maybe the same of your country). It will be helpful for these programmer on the technique improvement, If they could  difine themself according the following four level correctly. 

The first level:Beginner programmer

What is beginner programmer? A man who studied (by self) in one week or one month. It difined by energy put in and study way. This level of programmer began to study flex because of the interesting or the need of project. The feature is could deal with simple applications and clear the develpment process of flex application.  Do interface by using flexbuilder and could write basic AS script. This kind of will not continue study, haven’t read all the official development document completely and haven’t think about the Flex/RIA deeply as well. They won’t have any improment by current state.