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8 Best Open Source Project Hosting Sites

Flan-icon If you are a developer and want to start an open source project, here is a list for you. You can find the sites simple and good for beginner such as Google Code, Github etc, and of course the most known like SF, many version-control-systems, a shell-server, statistics and much more features supported. Anyway, I don’t think there’s a single “best” site, but I think you can find the better for you in this list. Enjoy!


10+ Best iPhone Application Development Resources or Tools You Should Know

iphone_devWe have collected some good resource such as Free Hand-picked Creative and Amazing iPhone Icon Sets, Great Free iPhone 4 GUI PSD Templates For Designers and Hand-Pick Free iPhone 4 Wallpapers etc. Here is over 10 best iPhone application development resources/tools which are appropriate for both beginners and experiencers.


30+ Best Sources of Free Vectors Download

Misc-Organize-icon Last month we published a post that Amazing!!! Does Anyone Know The Author of These “Happy Birthday Vector Cards”(Adobe Illustrator Format), I think most people would be amazed by these beautiful vectors cards. However, finding free vector files is no easy task for some people, especially finding well made, high quality vector files is even harder. Below is a collection that over 30 best sources for free vectors download. Yes, all of them are FREE. Enjoy!


10 Creative And Stylish Flash Websites Inspire You Some Ideas For Your Flash Website

disk-jockey-icon What is the most important for a web designer? I think the answer should be “idea”. All web/graphic designers hope their works be creative and  stylish. No idea? That’s nothing. Internet is great, we can easily find the resource like 480+ free and fresh icon sets and 20+ High Quality Free .PSD Files Improve Your Design Work & Features. This article provides 10 good design, creative and stylish flash websites which can inspire you some ideas for your Flash websites. Enjoy! (more…)

10 Great Online Resources For Adobe Flash Development

Tropical-Stone-icon We could find easily the AS3 Source Code like Zuma-like Flash Game from some Flash community. This article presents 10 good online resource sites for Adobe Flash developers. A huge number of open source Actionscript libraries and tutorials can be found there. If you are a Flash experience, you should know most of them( if not, then you are out. only a joke :) ).  Great resource are missing? Don’t forget to share it with the rest of us via our comments section!


60+ Useful CSS Resources You Should BookMark

folder-customer-iconIn the previous articles 10 CSS Essential Skills Save Your Time and 10 Useful CSS Skills Maybe You Don’t Know, even HTML5 + CSS + JavaScript To Be Flash And Silverlight Killer will be probably. In fact, the following is some CSS related resources be bookmarked in my browsers. Hope you will enjoy them too. :)  


100 Useful HTML Resource Links Web Developers Should Know

Favorite-iconWe introduced The New Features(Tag) In HTML 5 in before article. Yes, HTML 5 is ready and many big name web 2.0 like Facebook, YouTuBe go HTML 5. We can’t say HTML5 will be the killer of Adobe Flash and MS Silverlight,  however, as the cornerstone of internet world, HTML is important because without it, there is nothing to build upon when it comes to skills. The following is nearly 100 useful HTML resource links include specifications, tutorials, FAQ, validators and editors etc. If you are a web developer, I think you should bookmark this post to your favorite, :)


15 Userful Views Module for Drupal

teddy-256x256 Drupal is an extremely powerful and flexible platform for building websites. With the release of Views 2, the platform has become even richer. Learn how to make use of Drupal core plus contributed modules to build your next website, without writing any code.Everyone says that CCK and Views are one of the must-have modules out there,we can create a CCK for Composers, Mozart, Back, etc. with their names, dates, bio…Include VIEWS and CCK, the following is a list of very userful views modules which can help us to create a custimze homepage(website) fastly. Enjoy!