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Mobile Internet Usage Reaches Nearly Half Of UK

Mobile Internet Usage Reaches Nearly Half Of UK Just a few years ago, there was a relatively low number of people using Internet capable devices. Since then, the figures have skyrocketed. Millions of people are using smartphones and mobile based Internet technology to keep in touch and interact on the web. Even though the West has seen more usage, more people are getting connected through mobile means all over the world. This figure has seen a dramatic upswing, and nearly half of every person in the UK is now connected to the web through mobile technology.


8 Open Source Android Game Engines

android-platform-icon Most Android game developers don’t know what to do, they always admire iPhone developers can play it with the free game engine such as Cocos2d-iPhone, and complain there are no the same one on Android. In fact, we can find some good open source game engines for Android OS. Below is 8 open source Android game engines which I know. You can build your great Android game with them, and there are also some of them be stopped to develop, but you can learn a lot from them too. If you know any others, please don’t hesitate to leave your comment here.


9 Useful Media Apps For Google Android

android-social-media Google Android was built from the ground-up to enable developers to create compelling mobile applications, an application can call upon any of the phone’s core functionality such as using the camera, creating richer and more cohesive experiences for users.

Ringtones, Video, TV, Audio and many other multimedia, mobile phone has been more and more powerful. As what we said in pervious article 10 Application for Android You Must Have, Mobile phones are also increasingly important part of our lives. Below is a list of 9 useful media apps for Google Android. *Creating a good Android Apps list is never an easy job, hope you can enjoy!


15+ Best Free eBook Readers For Your Android

ebook-reader-for-google-android If you are using smartphone such as Android, iPhone etc, you can send instant messages and e-mails, browse the Internet, make and view appointments, and much more.Of course include read eBook. It would seem as though smartphones are becoming the next biggest e-book platform, In this article I try to list the best eBook Readers you can get for your Android Smartphone. If I have missed something, then do let me know by leaving a comment :)