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4 ways to dynamically load external JavaScript(with source)

Most of the time, Firefox, Safari and Opera work without much effort and differences between the 3. However, throw IE into the mix and you’re in a whole different world.This is helpful if you need to dynamically inject javascript.And, the biggest problem was setting a function that you want executed after the script is loaded.By this article I will provide 4 way to dynamically load external JavaScript.

The below 1,2,3 are asynchronous,only 4 is synchronization.


How to load an image into our Flex application from URL(with source)

Sometimes we need to load an image into our Flex application from URL,it’s very simple if the images are in a web-accessible directory.The below code is only a simple sample for it.You can modify it to suit your app.
While working on an AS 3 script I was getting an error like below(image):
Severity Description Resource In Folder Location Creation Time Id
2 Could not resolve <map:imgView> to a component implementation. imgView.mxml imgView 2008/02/10 1:17:08 26

I checked my action script file but there was no syntax error.Well was only because I forgot to create the “myLib” folder!