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Flash Decompiler VS. Flash Encryption: How To Protect Your Flash Source Code & Resource

encryption-shield-57903 Because SWF is an open format, if someone wants to peek at your scripting and extract your resources, they can easily do so. It’s very interesting that on the header and sidebar of, you can find two our sponsor banners: ActionScript Obfuscator and Flash Decompiler, the first one which can encrypt your swf files, stop Flash decompiler and protect your ActionScript. The second one which can decompile the flash file: convert SWF to FLA.


Tips: How To Get The SWF Path In ActionScript 3

presentblue-icon Sometimes we need to get the swf path in our flex/flash project, it can be done with _root._url in actionscript 2, but _root not work in actionscript 3. How to get the swf path in as 3? The following is 2 ways on how to get it.

Hope it will be useful for you.


RSSReader–a simple example of Syndication Library

Newspaper-Feed-add-256x256 Problem Summary: Once I want to display a series article of Flex performance from InsideRIA( in my blog. I recognized that the amount of the articles is increasing. I should keep the links dynamically. However, I am not the provider of the blog system, so I cannot modify the codes to meet my requirement. Luckily, I can embed SWF in my blog articles. So, I just need to develop a simple RSS reader in SWF format.