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Top 5 apps for Android Tablet

android-platform-icon So you’ve just bought your brand new Android tablet but you aren’t sure which apps for Android tablet to install. Here are our top 5 Android tablet apps y­ou should try out.


Adobe Soon To New Publishing Software Make Publishers Create and Profit From Tablet Magazines

Mygazines Adobe revealed today, the Digital Magazine Solution from Adobe coming in late summer 2010 to Adobe Labs, which is a new kind of creative software specifically intended to help you publish digital magazines for tablet devices such as the iPad. The new software will soon be downloadable from Adobe Labs. The tools that bridge the gap between print-oriented InDesign and software for interactive formats will be included.


RIM Blackberry Tablet Will Support Flash, rumor?

rim-blackberry-logo-1sblisting150100_In the post Sencha Or Adobe Flash, What’s The Future Of Mobile Apps Developers was published yesterday, we mentioned that RIM confirmed and showed off a new web browser for the BlackBerry based on WebKit. In fact, rumors of a BlackBerry tablet have been circulating for months, following Flash Player 10.1 On The Upcoming Motorola Droid X, today “a source close to RIM” also confirmed the rumors haven’t covered yet: Blackberry Tablet Will Support Flash.