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Insert Text at specified position of TextInput, TextArea and TextField, etc. in Flex

Editor-128x128 Someone asked me how to insert text into input components such as TextInput and TextArea at a specified position programmatically.

Solution Summery:TextInput and TextArea are warped for the TextField interactive object contained in the package flash.text. TextField class provides the function replaceText() to help us to complete the insertion.

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Show Your Products In 360 Degree View In Flex

1Don’t you think it is so cool if show your products in 360 degree view on your website to your customer? In fact it is not difficult to realize after you read the following example. First you need prepair a serial images about your products in different views. The basic principle is by using SliderBar to control the image. Generally, you will meet the problem: how to avoid the image flickering when move the sliderbar? Then it have told you the answer. Using loader component which could avoid flickering. Components Sequence, Canvas and TextArea are also used in this example. More details please see the following source.

Search-256x256 Demo  |  View source(main.mxml)