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7 Small But Powerful ActionScript Class About TextField

flying-bird-iconIn previous article we have learned the ActionScript class about sound, string, bitmap. This time we will introduce you more about Textfield class. Some of them is small but very powerful, it will help you create text search engine easily in flex or allows you to use the SpellChecker’s functionality with every normal TextField in Flash. If you are interested why not have a try now?


Insert Text at specified position of TextInput, TextArea and TextField, etc. in Flex

Editor-128x128 Someone asked me how to insert text into input components such as TextInput and TextArea at a specified position programmatically.

Solution Summery:TextInput and TextArea are warped for the TextField interactive object contained in the package flash.text. TextField class provides the function replaceText() to help us to complete the insertion.

Search-256x256 Demo | DownloadDownload Full Project


How to Highlight the Text in Flex(with Full Source Code)

Text-Edit Maybe you have read RegExr: Online Regular Expression sample( , the high-light effect of matched characters is perfect and with the mouse moving will show the detail information of the alphabetic string as the following image show.