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How To Fix The VerifyError: Error #1079: Native methods are not allowed in loaded code In Flash

Glasses-icon It’s a simple tips about the VerifyError like #1079. When you start you app by upgrading you flex sdk or complie a relatively complex Flex (SDK 4.0) project with several Library projects, probably you will take the error like: VerifyError: Error #1079: Native methods are not allowed in loaded code. Sometimes even the code basically looks like this:


10 CSS Essential Skills Save Your Time

Property-icon In previous article Will HTML5 + CSS + JavaScript Really Be Flash And Silverlight Killer? we surmised that HTML5 would be Adobe Flash and MS Silverlight killer or not, as the next major revision of HTML (HyperText Markup Language), we know the importance of HTML5. However, Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), the style sheet language be designed primarily to describe the presentation semantics of a document is a very useful, helpful, and powerful technology for web.


Tips: How To Get The SWF Path In ActionScript 3

presentblue-icon Sometimes we need to get the swf path in our flex/flash project, it can be done with _root._url in actionscript 2, but _root not work in actionscript 3. How to get the swf path in as 3? The following is 2 ways on how to get it.

Hope it will be useful for you.


Tips: How To Exactly Resize The Window by Using resizeTo() or resizeBy() methods

Window-icon-256 We can resize the browser window by using the methods window.resizeTo( newWidth, newHeight) or window.resizeBy( DX, DY). But if you are an experienced web development, you probably know the function resizeTo() can not be always so exactly resize the window. Especially unkown the size of contents before loading in different browse.