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40 Cute Creative Free Twitter Icon Sets For You Websites Blog or iPhone

TwitterMonster-iconNow Twitter is welcomed by many person but some of them maybe think the “Follow Me” buttons or icons are so boring. If you are looking for some fresh, lovely twitter icons, you will not miss this post. Here we have prepared 30+ creativity originality Icon Sets for Twitter for your reference. BTW you can use them free for your websites, blogs or even your iphone.


2 Years Old Adobe Air-based Twitter Client Tweetdeck Has been Downloaded 15 Million Times!!!

twitter-bird2 One of 15 Amazing Apple’s iPad Apps You Should Know, Adobe Air-based Twitter client Tweetdeck, celebrated its 2nd anniversary on July 4th with the amazing download times, including the fact that its desktop application, more than 15 million!!! This impressive download milestone are as many as 5 times bigger than its nearest competitor possible!