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31 Useful UI Resources For Web Developer

announcements-icon In previous article: 15 Fresh JavaScript Tutorials For Web Developers, we have introduced some useful tutorials for web developers. Currently there are a subtle set of UI toolkits, libraries, frameworks or patterns that not only greatly simplify application but also save time for web designers. Use these recommended sources to gain knowledge about a particular UI problem or to gain inspiration and insight on best practices, techniques, and examples of exemplary UI designs. Following we’ve prepared 31 UI resource for you to build your own wireframe: wireframing kits, browser windows, form elements, grids, Mac OS X elements. Then hope you can enjoy them.


15+ Strongly Recommend Tutorials You Must Read for Creating Skins and Themes( UI Design ) in Flex

ipod-santaclaus-128x128 As well as you know creating a polished user interface is an important part of a successful application. Although the Flex has powerful default skin and looks not bad. But from the business point of view you should consider more about the comany’s identity,unique, the difference from competitors and need meet the target customer’s sense. Then you need to be an ability to customize the look for your own. No matter you are just a beginner or an expertise, we all recommand these tutorials to read. Athough some of them seems very old by now written in 2006, but still very classical.  Okay,let’s enjoy!