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25 So Amazing PhotoShop CS5 Video Tutorials

Adobe-Photoshop-iconPhotoshop offers one of the most robust graphics editing experiences. It looks so powerful and can do anythings. But it is not so easy to grasp. Then the question is how to use the Photoshop tools more effectively? You need more tutorials or tips. In previous article 30+ Excellent High Quality Adobe Photoshop Tutorials(New), we have introduced some new and high quality adobe photoshop tutorials. But it is not enough, this time we prepared 25 latest vidoe tutorials about PS CS5. It is more directly and easily to be understood. Why not have a try now?


6 Very Useful ActionScript Classes About Sound

MailBox-icon In previous article 8 Classical ActionScript Classes About BitMap we have introduced some BitMap ActionScript classes. In fact not only images but also the media like MP3, video are used in web development.  Following is 6 useful actionscript libraries which can load images, swf, mp3 etc.Hope they are helpful for you.


Top 7 Adobe AIR Apps for Videos you should know

Smurf-House-Smurfette-128x128 We have introduced over 25 Adobe AIR&Flex applications for images on 25+ Very Cool Adobe AIR/Flex Applications for Images & Photos. All of them are very useful! But AIR apps can also be used for video enthusiasts. Take a look through the 20+ apps we’ve gathered for you, and you are sure to find something useful.