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Pros and Cons of Flash Designing and What is New in Flash Designing?

pros-vs-cons The pros of Flash design are easy to see from a human point of view. If a site loads as a whole entity then it’s quick and simple to get around. That said, a browser often thinks that the Flash site is a single page no matter how many levels into the site you’ve gone: so if you hit the back button on your browser when you are several “pages” into a Flash site you end up going back to the site you were at before you loaded the Flash one.


50+ High-Quality Web UI Design Photoshop Tutorials Web Designers Have to Investigate

photoshop-old-school-icon Have you been dreaming of designing the website look and feel unique and great?  Do you want to improve your interface design skills? In this article, we provide you more than 50 very high quality web UI design photoshop tutorials which web designers have to investigate. You can build up your skills no matter you are a starter or expertise, enjoy!


31 Useful UI Resources For Web Developer

announcements-icon In previous article: 15 Fresh JavaScript Tutorials For Web Developers, we have introduced some useful tutorials for web developers. Currently there are a subtle set of UI toolkits, libraries, frameworks or patterns that not only greatly simplify application but also save time for web designers. Use these recommended sources to gain knowledge about a particular UI problem or to gain inspiration and insight on best practices, techniques, and examples of exemplary UI designs. Following we’ve prepared 31 UI resource for you to build your own wireframe: wireframing kits, browser windows, form elements, grids, Mac OS X elements. Then hope you can enjoy them.


10 Creative And Stylish Flash Websites Inspire You Some Ideas For Your Flash Website

disk-jockey-icon What is the most important for a web designer? I think the answer should be “idea”. All web/graphic designers hope their works be creative and  stylish. No idea? That’s nothing. Internet is great, we can easily find the resource like 480+ free and fresh icon sets and 20+ High Quality Free .PSD Files Improve Your Design Work & Features. This article provides 10 good design, creative and stylish flash websites which can inspire you some ideas for your Flash websites. Enjoy! (more…)