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5 Best High Quality Icons Search Engine Websites For Web Designers and Developers

Search-Images-icon Icons are one of the most important element for a website. We have collected some icon sets such as 480+ free and fresh icon sets help you to create your beautiful skins and themes in Flex, 15 Sets of Free Social Bookmarking Icons and 350+ Fresh And Elegant Free Icons For Android etc. But probably it’s difficult to find out the high quality icons which categories you want to. Here is 5 best high quality icons search engine websites for web designers and developers. Enjoy!


The Evolution of Python Programmers NOT only a Joke

Earth-icon I remembered reading an article similar “Evolution of a C++ Programmer” or “Evolution of a C Programmer” or “The Evolution of a Haskell Programmer” before, I laughed out loud! I think that’s only a joke by some boring guys, at most they can serve a good pedagogical purpose as well as a humorous one. Last year, I lead a team to develop a Java-based tool – all team members are COBOL background and without any java skill.


30+ Pure CSS Menu Tutorials For Web Developers

CSSEditLogo CSS is an very useful and effective tool which help you separate the representation definitions of such structured documents as HTML, XHTML, XML from content. It opens the doors to a lot of powerful and rich opportunities such as create a whole new look, feel, and effect of sites.

We introduced some useful CSS skills, helpful CSS tools and most useful CSS resource in pervious articles.  In this article, we collected 30+ pure CSS Menu tutorials for web developers. Enjoy!


40 Free & Useful Web Development and Designer Tools Probably You Don’t Know

web_development.jpg Nowadays web developers already know how to quickly code a menu or a layout structure, pages even a site. Because there are many available tools such as color selecting, color palette, JS Library, CSS/HTML/PHP Framework, WYSIWYG editor and more to help make web development projects quicker and more productive. Here is an collection 40 free and useful tools for web development and designers. Hope it will helpful to you!


60+ Awesome Car Inspiration Websites For Web Designers

rent-a-car-icon More and more traditional industries know that online brand marketing is vital to get in front of the others. Auto market is one of the most expensive industries. A good design website can help to promote their car models and attract web users interest, but how do you know which kind car website design is the best in general? Here is 60+ awesome car inspiration websites for web designers, maybe it can give you some inspiration, most of them are built with Flash.