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3 ways to choose a good Web Hosting Service Provider

doubt-icon Choosing a provider for your web hosting service is a really difficult choice( bitter experiences here). With literally hundreds of companies all competing to become your provider, it is understandable to be confused. While each person’s situation is different, we can offer some advices to help you decide which is the best host for you.


Optimal Web Hosting Options for Startups with Ambition

Button-Reload-icon Modern small businesses, aspiring bloggers, and others who wish to establish a significant presence online are all faced with the bane that is bandwidth. The way you choose to go about everything from your website design to your monthly marketing projections depends on the level of sophistication you want your web hosting to be.


Media Temple VS. HostGator VS. KnownHost VPS: So Bad Experience of MT & HG

network-server-icon Choosing the best web hosting service is one of the most crucial decisions for most of bloggers. With a poor web hosting service provider it can be a nightmare, I was using Hostgator Shared Hosting Package since 2008, however, my nightmare began on Jan 12, 2011, so I purchased Hostgator VPS Level 2 & Level 3, Media Temple VPS(Dedicated-Virtual Server), Unfortunately, the nightmare couldn’t be stopped until I’m using Knownhost VPS(VS2). So it’s not a tutorial on how to choose the best VPS provider, I only want to record and share my experience which will help you get started…