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50 Inspired iPhone or iPad Application Websites List

Folder-websites-Folder-iconWhat is the most recent trends in web design? Most of you will think of Apple products. Yes, with the growing popularity of mobile browsing, how to design a web suit for mobile phone become a big question for developer. Here we have prepared an inspired iPhone or iPad website list below for your reference. Hope you will get some ideas from them and create yourself unique work. Of course, if you know more please don’t hesitate to share with us.


40 Cute Creative Free Twitter Icon Sets For You Websites Blog or iPhone

TwitterMonster-iconNow Twitter is welcomed by many person but some of them maybe think the “Follow Me” buttons or icons are so boring. If you are looking for some fresh, lovely twitter icons, you will not miss this post. Here we have prepared 30+ creativity originality Icon Sets for Twitter for your reference. BTW you can use them free for your websites, blogs or even your iphone.


30 of the Most Amazing Flash Websites on the Net

30 of the Most Amazing Flash Websites on the Net For those that don’t know, Adobe Flash is a multimedia platform used to add animation, video and interactivity to websites. It’s unsurprising, therefore, that these sites are among the most amazing on the net and by far the most fun to use.

Flash does have its downsides – it can be tediously slow to load and choppy if you’re internet connection’s not up to scratch, but when employed correctly in a website, the results can be spectacular. For proof, check out the 30 sites below. Each one is highly original and creative, but some are so ahead of the game that you’ll find yourself drooling over the incredible visuals on show.


40+ Amazing Fresh Good Design Html5 Websites

html5-Internet-ExplorerAs the next major revision of HTML, HTML5 has been more and more popular. We can easily find many libraries like open source HTML5 video players, we also can  find more and more HTML5 based websites. Here is a fresh HTML5 websites collection to help web designers and developers of how to implement HTML5 into their sites.


20+ Creative Preloader of Flash Sites Never Bored You In The Loading Time

Creative Preloader of Flash Sites Flash websites more and more get popular among internet world, but one shortcoming is too much time needed for loading. A Flash preloader is useful in preventing partial loading of a movie while it plays. The preloader is usually made attractive to the viewer to keep him/her occupied while the full flash movie or some external data is loaded in the background. In previous article we have listed Top 10 Creative And Cool Flash Preloaders, below is a collection of other 20 cool and creative preloader of Flash sites. Enjoy!


10 Creative And Stylish Flash Websites Inspire You Some Ideas For Your Flash Website

disk-jockey-icon What is the most important for a web designer? I think the answer should be “idea”. All web/graphic designers hope their works be creative and  stylish. No idea? That’s nothing. Internet is great, we can easily find the resource like 480+ free and fresh icon sets and 20+ High Quality Free .PSD Files Improve Your Design Work & Features. This article provides 10 good design, creative and stylish flash websites which can inspire you some ideas for your Flash websites. Enjoy! (more…)

10+ Very Powerful CMS Help You Create Wonderful Flash Website

Mossy-Terrarium-icon If you have a powerful Content Management System, it will not only save your time, your energy but also help you to control your website easilly. But develop your own Flash CMS it also requires a lot of time to research and develop. Then why not try some options already have. Following we have listed some very useful CMS platform hope can be helpful to you.


13+ CSS Editor Help You Create Perfect Website

Crown-128x128 If you are a website professionals you will be familiar with the CSS (Cascading Style Sheets). Yes, it is an very useful and effective tool which help you separate the representation definitions of such structured documents as HTML, XHTML, XML from content. Then you can design perfect, innovative and fast-loading web sites so easily and quickly by using of it even if you are a beginner. Following we have collect 13 excellent CSS Editor for your reference. Now let’s start.