Top 10 Facts about Elephants

Most of us have seen an elephant. We can describe them as a huge animal on earth. This specie has been an inspiration for different cartoon movies, including the Ice Age. Aside from being huge, what are the other interesting facts about elephants?

Facts about Elephants


In this post, we are going to tackle the Top 10 facts about elephants that you will surely love. Get yourself ready, as we will take you to the world of this huge yet cutie mammal.

  1. 90 Percent of the African Elephant’s Population Has been Wiped Out In the Past Centuries

For the past centuries and decades, more or less 90 percent of African elephants are killed because of the high demand for ivory in the market. Currently, you can only see less than half a million elephants in the wild.

  1. An Elephant Never Forgets

If you look closer, an elephant features a denser and larger temporal lobe, which is a part of the brain connected with memory. Since then, the saying “an elephant never forgets” is formed.

  1. Calves Can Stand within 20 Minutes of Birth

One of the interesting facts about the elephant calves is that they can walk and stand for 1 hour and 30 minutes after being born. So, there is no doubt why they can start walking with the group of herds two days after their birth.

  1. They Communicate Through Vibrations

Young and adult elephants can communicate using different ways, such as scent, touch, body language, and sounds. In addition to that, they also connect with the use of seismic signals, which is a vibration produced from the ground.

  1. Elephants are Constantly Eating

As mentioned, elephants are huge mammals. So, it is not a surprise if they consume almost 150 kilograms of food daily since most of their time are spent eating.

  1. They Have Thick Skin

In most cases, an elephant features 2.5 centimeters of thick skin. The wrinkles and folds that cover their body can store water. That’s why they can maintain their cool body temperature. Through a frequent mud and dust baths, elephants can maintain a good and clean skin.

  1. Their Tusks are Teeth

At two years old, elephants tusks form up. These enlarged incisor teeth grow continuously as the elephant ages.

  1. Their Trunks Have Mad Skills

The trunks of an elephant contain about 150,000 muscles. This is one of the most delicate organs any mammal has.

  1. You can Determine their Specie By Looking at Their Ears

Asian and African elephants are the two species of this huge mammal. The ears of an Asian elephant is smaller compared to African elephants. You can also spot their specie by looking at their trunks. An Asian elephant features one finger’s placed near its trunks while the African one has two.

  1. They are the Largest Animal in the Whole World

As mentioned, elephants are the largest mammal that exists in this world. A male elephant weighs 6 tonnes and 3 meters tall when they reach 35 to 40 years of age.