Using FlexBuilder 3 and Flash CS3 to Build Your Skin in Flex–KingnareStyle skin produce introduction


In previou articles 5+ Strongly Recommend Tutorials You Must Read for Creating Skins and Themes( UI Design ) in Flex and 480+ free and fresh icon sets help you to create your beautiful skins and themes in Flex, We have done lots of preparation.Now, it’s time to do! Following this introduction step by step then you can build your beautiful skin. Let’s go!

It could control the style by using CSS in Flex3.0 component. Of course the CSS mentioned here is different with the CSS which used in writing the website. It is the style sheet which is tailored for Flex specially. By using ActionScript could realize the powerful display effect. It will be introduced in following example.

The black style of Express Photoshop released by Adobe is very attractive. KingnareStyle is one of Flex Skin from Express Photoshop prototype. The Skin contains many components but limited by the article length, we could only choose the typical components for example. Following we will begin our Skin production by Button Component(Full Component effect Screenshot ).