Vista Web Photo Gallery– A Very Useful Photo Album Builder Based On Ajax


With the mutural of WordPress, Drupal, more and more people could create their own homepage or blog to record and share their life with others easily. Of course the photo album is also the important part of it. By use of Flex we could create very cool photo album but not everyone is programmer, even if the programmer is not exactly the flex programmer… In previouse article 21+ beautiful Javascript and Ajax based solutions to our gallery requirements, we have selected 21 JavaScript/Ajax gallery but most of them are solutions not applictaions. In other words most of them is oriented to the developer or at least the people who have program ability. We could add gallery function in our own website through making small modification of it.



When article The Most Complete AJAX Framework and JavaScript Libraries List(124+) first published is 124 Libraries, I added some good but isn’t listed recommended by others. But I am a little lazy then seldom revise the previous article. But the Vista Web Photo Gallery recommended by Maxic in 21+ beautiful Javascript and Ajax based solutions to our gallery requirements, first I was just curious and have a look for the introduction:

“Vista Photo Gallery is the first software that creates AJAX-powered online image galleries without the need for server-side setup. It means you just upload files generated by the software to your server and it will run immediately, even if it’s a free webhost without a php, asp, mysql support.”

The words “the first” and “AJAX-powered” attracted me and I want to downloaded for a try. Download the Free Trial version Here. The installation is very easy. What need to do is just run the vistaphotogallery-setup.exe then follow the prompt. More detail use method please refer to the article “Adding a powerful AJAX photo gallery to your site for dabblers. (based on my experience)” in this article last “Related Resource”. Here I will not repeat them again. Following I want to write more about my own feeling about the Vista Web Photo Gallery:

1) By using of local desktop create the album directly and don’t need the server-side installation

Compared with other like products, it is more human in user experience and more convenient. Following is the main interface for the Vista Web Photo Gallery desktop.


2) Internal FTP, don’t need other FTP client

It not only avoid the trouble of install other FTP Client software but also very convenient in creating own album operation actually like the “One-Click”.


3) Not only view by catalog but also could by data and tag

Viewing by document and data is the basic function, but if you are good at making tags, you must like its tag feature.


4) The style is very Picasa

Picasa is one of Google products I like because for its convenient operation. When I experienced the Vista Web Photo Gallery desktop and publiced interface, I felt it like the Picasa and so simple.


5) Cross-browse

IE, FireFox, Chrome… The competition on the browser market has been keen. But the  Web developers will be more headche, since one product need to match different browser’s standard if else it will make your interface neither ifsh nor fowl. But the Vista Web Photo Gallery will not meet this problem. It is fully compatible with all modern Windows and MAC browsers.

Moreover, Vista Web Photo Gallery also support photo edit and EXIF. But I didn’s use these function usually then can’t do the comment. If you are interested in it please visit the Vista Web Photo Gallery official introduction or experience it directly.