What Do You Think “Flex Builder Standard costs $249” And “Coldfusion Builder+FB $299”?


Flex and Flash Builder product teams announced that the final version of Flex 4 SDK and Flash Builder 4 are available for download today! We can see many many the message like this on AXNA. It seems that “Somebody” have pointed out Flex Builder Standard costs $249, and Coldfusion Builder  + Flex Builder Standard  only $299!



ColdFusion Builder is built on Eclipse and is integrated with Flash Builder 4 for fast, easy RIA development. ColdFusion Builder is packed with features and also allows you to easily build your own extensions.

Easily manage your entire ColdFusion application development cycle from concept to production with a highly customizable Eclipse™ based IDE that is deeply integrated with ColdFusion 9. Additionally, easily create rich interfaces for your applications with a complimentary copy of Flash Builder 4 Standard included with ColdFusion Builder.

The summary on Adobe CF.


Ben Forta(Adobe senior product evangelist and the author of numerous books) said,

There were some important reasons for this:

  • ColdFusion Builder and Flash Builder are designed to work together, and can greatly simplify the development of Flash and Flex applications powered by ColdFusion.
  • Eclipse is already popular with ColdFusion developers, thanks to community projects like CFEclipse.
  • Eclipse is a proven platform with extensive support for all sorts of development, and all Eclipse plug-ins can be used with ColdFusion Builder. So, if you need something that we did not provide, a third-party plug-in may do the trick.
  • Eclipse is supported on multiple platforms, including all of the platforms supported by ColdFusion itself.

All seems fine. But as a pure flex or coldfusion programmer, what will you think?

Does Adobe want to promote CFB among Flex developers?

Or promote FB among Coldfusion developers?

Who can get the benefit from this opportunity?

If you are only a CF or Flex developer, will you get this package even you needn’t part of them?

Hmmm, waiting for your comment here. You aslo can know “What’s new in Flex 4” details from here.

Summary of three primary themes:

  • Design in Mind: providing a framework that supports a new degree of expressiveness, easily enabled with tools.
  • Developer Productivity: improving compiler performance and adding productivity enhancements to language features like data binding.
  • Framework Evolution: taking advantage of new Flash Player capabilities and adding features required by common use-cases.